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Growing up on the island of Paros, the sea becomes your playground. world. adventure. home. Once you take that first dive, an otherworldly bond summons you back in, again and again. Water has no gravity, it is infinite and vast, and yet its presence surrounds us. It nurtures your desire to learn, all the while embracing you, protecting you. It asks for nothing but gives you everything.

The creation of H2O Diving Nomads Paros was the natural next step (or rather, dive) for a team that, after exploring many and different parts of the world, diverse underwater ecosystems, and academically studying the Parian seabed, their desire was to offer a personalized, fun experience: One accompanied by knowledge, with respect to the needs of every person, of any age. From experienced divers to 
weekend adventurers, everyone finds their place right here, each time setting off on a different underwater experience. Being on the H2O boat, one becomes a nomad of the sea. With the new and unique option of going underwater in any part of the area one wishes to explore each time, diving with H2O becomes a fascinating tale that complements the beauty and relaxed lifestyle of Paros Island with the unique cosmos vibrating beneath.

H2O’s mission is clear:

To enjoy and experience something fascinating, something that we as humans are not supposed to feel. To create a safe and fun adventure, respecting our aquatic ecosystem and discovering this old yet still not completely revealed world, on a journey that ultimately leads you to self-discovery.