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Having grown up on the island of Paros, at the age of 18, he began studying Marine biology and working as a dive guide on his home island. Setting off on a journey to acquire knowledge, he soon paired oceanography studies with more diving certificates, becoming an instructor and diving in destinations as far away as Mexico and Egypt and as close to Amorgos and Kythera. An underwater cavern research of Paderonisi Island in Paros reintroduced him to his first love, the world that lives beneath the Cycladic complex.


Her first memories are surrounded by water. The sea of Evia island becomes her first natural habitat, where she spends endless days snorkeling with her brother and secretly releasing any fish caught by her parents. After studying at Panteion University and the Velios School of Art, she works as a teacher in an Unaccompanied Children Structure, before she is reconnected to her first love, while exploring the seabed of Kythira. A new universe full of colors, emotions and shapes unfolds before her eyes. This fascinating first dive, together with her shared swim with a turtle, and the pivotal experience of diving in Egypt, help her realize her future is found in the water. H20 is the embodiment of her commitment to diving. Since the first year of H2O she became certified
as a dive guide (Divemaster).